Catalytic Converters
We Buy Scrap Catalytic Converters
From The Public, Car Breakers, Independent Traders, Main Dealers, Garages, Bulk Sellers & End of Life Vehicle Facilities to Name But a Few.
Catalytic Converters contain precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. These metals can be used in a wide range of everyday products from mobile phones to televisions. Recycling the metals within the scrap catalytic converters helps to meet demand from the electronics manufacturers and relieves the strain on our planets natural resources.
  Catalytic Converter Grading
All Catalytic Converters will be inspected by our experienced team who will price them based on their grade, weight, size and any damage. This enables us to pay our customers the best price possible. For an instant quote visit our site in Aldershot or give us a phone.
The main grades of catalytic Converter are:
• After Market
• Pre Cat
• Stainless Steel
• Low Grade
• Full • Large GM
• Medium
• Large Medium
• Large
• Exotic
catalytic converters

  Catalytic Converter Pricing
Prices of Catalytic Converters are determined by the precious metal content of each unit.
These prices fluctuate daily in line with the
precious metal market. Call, text or email us
a photo for an up to date quotation.

  For Best Prices Paid on all grades of Catalytic Converters speak to us direct on 07726 359796